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Plastic windows / doors

As an approved specialized dealer we do not just know about the impressive effect of doors and windows representing great architectural details but also about the multiple functionality of windows and doors.

REINÜ-FEFA Windows considerably contribute to the "personality" of a house. Whether a strictly adhered to style or the free arranging of different shapes - everything is allowed! Glazing bars, round arches, angles in almost any size, swivel and swivel-bottom hung-windows, single window wings and multiple window wings. Any type or size of window you can think of  -as well as windows made of insulating glass and also multi-glazing windows are possible on request of the client. Windows with different surface structures finally top off our glass program.

New grounds are broken with fresh, bright and unconventional colours or with windows that look like the good old wood but that are made of the best quality plastic down to the marrow.  The program offers all your heart or eyes desire - from oak and mahogany up to a flashy red....

Optimal leak tightness of the splices is a reliable quality feature of the windows. For doors and windows the same qualities apply: the heat loss due to ventilation should not be higher than personally controlled by the owner. Even with extreme driving rain the profiles protect securely and durably from permeating humidity.

REINÜ-FEFA Windows are extraordinarily long lasting and extremely easy to clean. Appropriate insulation is a basic requirement for modern window profiles. Both the used materials as well as their processing are guarantees for excellent insulating qualities.

Highest demands in heat insulation are met with multi-compartment systems free off thermal bridges, stable walls and high variability with the various types of glazing.
Noise pollution is a problem, which is to be treated individually according to the living area, room use and everybody's personal need for peace and quiet. Windows that look alike can exactly reach the sound insulation which is required or wanted for the particular area of application.

All plastic windows and door elements contain steel filler (white 1,5 mm, decor 2,0 mm, entry doors 2,0 mm) and are processed strictly adhering to the static's. On request long-time experienced subcontractors who guarantee the qualified assembly will install the elements.

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