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The heat loss is almost 40 % of the total heating energy in a one-family dwelling with old windows.

The Uw-value of old single-glazed wooden windows is up to 6,0 W/m²K. That makes up to about 66 litres of heating oil/m²/heating period.

The Uw-value of old insulated plastic windows is 2,6 W/m²K. That makes up to 31 litres heating oil/m²/heating period.

The Uw-value of new insulated plastic windows from REINÜ-FEFA is 1,3 W/m²K. That makes up to 17 litres heating oil/m²/heating period.

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Heat insulation

Triple benefits for the environment

The environment benefits triple with REINÜ-FEFA windows: firstly they reduce the greenhouse effect because due to them less energy is lost. Secondly the quality plastic belongs to the best recyclable materials and thirdly new heat insulated REINÜ-FEFA windows make our environment more beautiful and worth living.
Thermal image

Adhering to Standards

As legally claimed the thermal insulation value for glass should reach an Ug-value between 1,1 and 1,3 W/m²K. With triple glazing the Uw-value should even be 0,8 W/m²K (Low-energy house).

The thermal image shows the ideal process of the Isotherm.


Ug =   Heat transmission coefficient for glass
Uw  = Heat transmission coefficient for the complete window 

Isothermal diagram