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Noise protection

With REINÜ-FEFA windows you leave the noise where it should be - outside!

The quality of living is enormously ameliorated when using special glazing. The higher the classification of the noise protection - the better the sound-absorbing qualities. For the ear it feels like it is only half as loud when the noise is reduced by just 10 Decibel.

The quality of the noise protection is contingent on the quality of the window profile. The various levels of noise protection depend on its construction, sealing, total glass thickness and type of pane.

When choosing the window profile one must take into accounts that the glazing and the window frame interact. So the noise protection can only be determined when the window is seen as a unity.

An intelligent multiple-compartment-profile system with up to three sealing levels guarantees excellent noise protection. The generous depth enables the installation of insulated and noise-protected glazing. As a result the noise protection classification 5 with up to 47 dB is reached.

Window noise protection