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Glass for all opportunities

Insulated glass
The REINÜ-FEFA windows are equipped with high-value insulated glass with an Ug-value of 1,1 W/m²K. You can achieve a higher heat insulation value if firstly additional highly insulated spacers are installed in the gap between the panes (warm edge) and secondly insulated glazings with a higher Ug-value are used. Depending on the profile and the glazing our windows reach an Uw-value up to 0,79 W/Km².

Noise protection glass
The REINÜ-FEFA windows attain a standard noise protection value of about 32 dB.
When using the special noise-protected windows (noise-protection classification 5 (47 dB)) we meet all living conditions.

Solar protection glass
If you wish to reduce the sunlight and the sun's warmth REINÜ-FEFA windows can be equipped with the fitting solar protection according to your needs.

Safety glass
There are the appropriate type of safety glasses to protect people and belongings for any demand. The range of our offer reaches from single laminated windows up to bullet-resistant glazing.

Ornament glass
There is a wide range of ornament glass to reduce the free „insights and lookouts".