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Insect screens

No more trouble with insects!

Our insect screens are made to order and can be installed in almost every plastic, wooden or aluminium window. Insect screens are almost totally made of extruded aluminium profiles in the colours traffic white (similar to RAL 9016) or sepia brown (similar to RAL 8014). On request you can obtain any RAL colour tone. 

Your windows and doors operate unrestricted. Shutters, too, can be used with the installed screen. The assembly is carried out quickly and without problems.

Fibreglass in grey or black is inserted into the Aluminium frames. Fibreglass is extremely weatherproof. The material is plastic-coated and ladder-proof heat-sealed. If you wish you can receive the material in aluminium or in stainless steel or for the protection of your cats a particular PET-Screen.

There are two standard types:

Insect screen SF/2

  • For recessed windows without weatherboard
  • Tentering frame with spring pin and with surrounding brush seal in the front 



Insect screen SE/9F

  • For flush mounted and recessed windows with weatherboard
  • Frame with hinges and surrounding brush seal