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The innovative patio floorboards

The patio floorboards from REINÜ-WOOD® are made of a wood-plastic composite which consists of 70% renewable primary products and 30% Polymers und Additives. Because of the innovative combination of wood and polymers a product can be developed that corresponds to the highest quality demands and strict ecological requirements. It is weatherproof and 100% recyclable. 


Durable and carefree  

The patio floorboard from REINÜ-WOOD® combines the best qualities of wood and plastic. Pleasing wooden optic and easy processing are combined with durability and low maintenance. The cleaning takes place completely uncomplicated with water and solvent-free and neutral detergent.


Comfort and safety

The patio floorboard from REINÜ-WOOD® is far more stable and weather-resistant for example against humidity, coldness or acid rain in comparison to wood. The material is Material is flawless and is splinter-proof. Even when it rains the brushed surface is not slippery and thus arranges for your optimal safety. 


Various possibilities

Two different surfaces, fine and coarse as well as different colours offer a wide range of designing possibilities. The profiles are solid-coloured.  Repainting is unnecessary. 


Easy to lay

The patio floorboards from REINÜ-WOOD® can be sawed, drilled and milled like wood. The easy assembly with clamps can be done without problems with the usual wood tools. No professional knowledge is needed. 


Saving costs

The patio floorboards from REINÜ-WOOD® are available in different fixed lengths. Naturally we also produce your requested length. With this we reduce the cuttings and save time and money.

REINÜ-WOODŽ patio floorboard