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REINÜ-WOODŽ patio floorboard

Classic: finely riffled, coarsely riffled
Trend  : micro riffling

Measurements in mm (H x W): 25 x 148
variable lengths: to 10 m possible
Weight: 2,2 kg/running metre
Standard Colours:
Colours in wood structure (unbrushed):

brown, finely riffled brown, coarsely riffled
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REINÜ-WOODŽ Substructure (WPC)

WPC, 61 x 26,5 mm
Length: 4000 mm
Weight: 3,54 kg

REINÜ-WOODŽ Unterkonstruktion I


REINÜ-WOODŽ substructure II

REINÜ-WOODŽ substructure II

REINÜ-WOODŽ Substructure (Alu)

Aluminium, 80 x 40 x 3 mm
Length: 3000 / 6000 mm
Weight: 5,9 / 11,8 kg

REINÜ-WOODŽ Unterkonstruktion Alu

REINÜ-WOODŽ Attachment clamp

Stainless steel, incl. screws
50/100/200 pcs./Pack

REINÜ-WOODŽ Aluminium finishing strip

Angle profile Aluminium 37x51x2 mm
Length: 4000 mm
Weight: 1,9 kg

incl. stainless steel screws 3,5x16 mm

REINÜ-WOODŽ Aluminium finishing strip

REINÜ-WOODŽ Finishing panel

WPC, 123 x 25 mm
Length: 4000 mm
Weight: 7.2 kg
Colours: REINÜ-WOOD® Standard colours
Surface: brushed

REINÜ-WOODŽ Finishing panel

REINÜ-WOODŽ Rubber pad

100 x 100 x 8 mm
25 pcs./Pack

REINÜ-WOODŽ Rubber pad I REINÜ-WOODŽ Rubber pad

REINÜ-WOODŽ Groove rubber

Rubber profile (T-Form) 28 x 10/18 mm
Colour: Black
25 per running metre / bundle
Weight: 7 kg/bundle

Note: The groove rubber do not have the effect of making the terrace watertight.

REINÜ-WOODŽ Nutgummi REINÜ-WOODŽ Nutgummi Grafik I

REINÜ-WOODŽ Rubber springs

Rubber profile 28 x 10 mm
Colour: Black
Length: 2000 mm
Weight: 0,29 kg/ per running metre

Note: The rubber springs do not have the effect of making the terrace watertight.

REINÜ-WOODŽ Rubber springs REINÜ-WOODŽ Rubber springs I REINÜ-WOODŽ Rubber springs

Screwjack Pedestals

available height 70 - 120 mm
Colour: Black

REINÜ-WOODŽ  Screw jack Pedestals REINÜ-WOODŽ  Screw jack Pedestals REINÜ-WOODŽ  Screw jack Pedestals