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In-firm training

The in-firm training has a long and meaningful tradition in our company. Solid training is the basis for the later successful career as a journeyman.

In our company we have not just been training at least 3 apprentices a year as carpenters since 1990 but we have also taken over almost all of them as journeymen.

The carpenters training takes 3 years and ends with trade test.

The trainees are instructed according to the given and defined courses of instruction of the dual system. The training takes place in our apprentice workshop in our company branch in Ebersgrün supervised by a skilled master craftsman carpenter, in the vocational school of Zeulenroda as well as with additional training courses at the Chamber of Commerce for East Thuringia in Zeulenroda-Triebes.

The trade of  a carpenter is very creative and interesting. 

The training begins with the instruction of the basic knowledge on derived timber products and its manual handling. Knowledge in the operating of high-value wood working machines up to CNC machining centres is added at a later date.

The training ends with the making of a work piece and the passing of the trade test.

It is very important to us to train our apprentices in our own company and to import knowledge on independent and responsible-minded working.